Allen Institute for Brain Science

Our team has been involved with the Allen Institute for Brain Science for over a decade. As they continue on their quest to uncover what makes us human, we are excited to continue our work with them as their branding partner.

The Allen Institute was established to answer some of the greatest questions in neuroscience, grounded in an understanding of the brain and inspired by their quest to uncover the essence of what makes us human.

Phinney Bischoff has completed in-depth research and has worked with the Institute to develop their brand positioning. By using a “big science” approach, the Allen Institute enables the global scientific community to more efficiently make discoveries that bring real-world utility.

This big science model incorporates innovative technology, is based on a disciplined and multidisciplinary approach and uses an open model of sharing free data, tools and insights with the broader community to achieve the greatest impact.

In addition to brand platform, (vision, mission, values, brand positioning, brand attributes, brand essence, brand personality and key messaging) Phinney Bischoff has been busy creating a comprehensive visual system of brand elements and guidelines for use across internal and external marketing communications.

This dynamic color palette helps the Allen Institute communicate with a unified voice, enabling the audience to identify brand at a glance.

Phinney Bischoff developed the tagline Fueling Discovery. Graphic Elements were designed to support this concept. Most recently we have evolved the filament element.

Inspired by the existing filament, the “overlapping waves” element imbues ideas of energy, multi-disciplinary, global, and sharing. These concepts all reinforce the Institute’s positioning Big Science for the Greatest Impact.

To support the Institute’s positioning, photography incorporates natural light and windows and are collaborative in nature. Secondary imagery is scientific in nature. These images are bold and graphic. They are sensory patterns and observations.

The power of simple typography and this approach allows the Allen Institute to easily highlight unprecedented amounts of publicly available data.

Allen Institute Brand System


Allen Institute Annual Report

Allen Institute Annual Report

Allen Institute Annual Report

Most recently, Phinney Bischoff worked with the Allen Institute for Brain Science to design and produce their first annual report.

The design elements, photography style, typography and color palette from our brand work informed the direction of the annual. Working with the Institutes copywriter, we further developed the “Using big science to answer big questions” concept into a dynamic printed piece with infographics that show the global impact of this work.

Allen Institute 10-Year Logo

10-year anniversary logo to recognize the Institute’s achievements.