Executive Conversation

We leveraged existing brand equity while injecting a new level of energy and credibility to their brand via tactical identity, print and website.

With over 20 years of experience providing business acumen training for elite sales teams focused on C-Suite engagements, Executive Conversation wanted to broaden its reach to sales and marketing teams working within all levels of an organization. It’s based on a simple belief that everyone on the team should drive top-line growth. With this expanded focus, Executive Conversation came to Phinney Bischoff for help in embracing the new business strategy while still retaining the credibility they had as a leading firm.

Original and new logos.

The focus of the old logo was on the top elite sales teams. The new logo moved away from the vertical, hierarchical relationship into a horizontal layered engagement, while still recognizing its very important core base.

The symbol is transformed into a graphic element that brings focus to the imagery and highlights people and relationships.

Brand Image

Executive Conversation Stationery

Our team immersed ourselves in the research — with stakeholder interviews, a competitive audit and ideation sessions with the client team. What emerged was a brand positioning that focused on being role-relevant. EC embraced this by leveraging their existing training solutions and customizing it to be relevant for different tiers within entire sales teams. The new brand positioning informed the logo, visual language, and web strategy and design.

What emerged was a brand positioning that focused on being role-relevant.


Executive Conversation Colors

Executive Conversation Website

Executive Conversation Sample Layout