Fence Genius

Fence Genius Cargo

Signature Development is a manufacturer of pre-fab wood fence panels, sold at Home Depots across the nation.

They have also manufactured and sold other wood commodity products, such as workbenches and picnic tables. Many of these items are not branded within the Home Depot retail environment. They are very much price-driven products and consumers don’t care about brand.

The company has now developed new offerings that are more custom, innovative, and high-quality/polished in nature. Two new offerings will fall under a new master brand called Fence Genius. This new offering and brand gives Signature Development the opportunity to transform the fencing industry, increase sustainability efforts, and grow tremendously. The new name “Fence Genius” was selected because it communicates what the new brand stands for, is unique within the industry landscape, and is compelling and memorable.

Fence Genius Colors

New Logo
The creative team challenged ourselves to consider icons, type treatments and subtle design devices. We worked closely with our client and landed here. A concept that incorporates “F” and “G” into a single mark. It was imperative to emphasize precision and technology. This bold mark with the complimentary all caps, sans-serif font conveys a savvy, modern and reliable company. It’s simplicity and geometry will work well for applications that include casting, burning, and stamping. All caps suggests high-quality, bold, and precise.

Brand Colors
Fence Genius palette includes an orange and gray combination that conveys messages of strong/industrial and polished/sophisticated. In addition to orange and gray, a strong use of black further defines the brand.


Fence Genius Stamped Wood

The logo reproduces easily on a variety of backgrounds and on products, in environments and against materials.