PerfectServe provides a single, integrated system of applications to support the needs of every care team member. As Design Director at Phinney Bischoff, I worked with our team to design a brand that aligns visually with a newly adopted brand essence of “Powering Weightless Opportunity.”

PerfectServe Website

Visual development included logo refresh, marketing collateral, motion graphics and website, which help to position PerfectServe as a market leader in the care communications and collaboration category. The website is a key driver of those perceptions.

The website communicates emotional benefits in addition to discussing product features. Storytelling, vivid photography and crisp copy to build an emotional connection. It serves as the “hub” for all of PerfectServe’s activities. The site is a place where differentiators are clearly articulated, where visitors have a clear pathway to relevant information, and where marketing campaigns have a landing space to drive campaign traffic. The website gives people a reason to stay and engage, demonstrates thought leadership and illustrates PerfectServe’s expertise and innovation in care communication software.

PerfectServe Logo

All design elements are flexible, adaptable and easy to maintain across a number of design scenarios.

PerfectServe Visual Language